The Story

The ride was April 23 – July 1st from Virginia Beach, VA to Florence, OR on the TransAmerica Trail.  Explore the site and check out past posts by day or city in the Ride Index.

8 thoughts on “The Story

  1. DJB/David from BF wishing you a safe and fun trip, I remembered you were leaving about now, so all the best with it.

    cheers from Montreal, Canada

    • Hi David (aka – crazy canuck 🙂 4 more days until I go. Thanks for visiting the site and email subscribing; it was great meeting you on the ship. Our folks that were with us were quiet impressed you recognized us at dinner.

  2. Way to go Dustin! A leave from your “grown up” job is a sanity saving endeavour. My family and I are currently on a 11 month trip to Europe. We are actively planning our next adventure: a ride across Canada and down the west coast of the US. You are inspiring us to do it self-supported. Check us out at Cheers, Marco

  3. This is a great blog, very helpful. I am currently planning a trip from Co to OR. I want to take the transam trail but I have heard that there gets a lot of traffic. I am looking for small back roads that follow the same general route but I am having little success. Do you have any suggestions for finding maps with back roads to the transam? I would greatly appreciate the help.
    Cheers, Val

    • Hi Valerie, from Colorado to Oregon we didn’t experience too much traffic except for the one or two times we road on the Interstate, but that was for just a 10 mile stretch or so and the shoulders were large. Otherwise the traffic was fairly low. As for finding more maps check out the couple posts here on how you can try to find alternatives or see in more detail what you’re up against – . We detoured from the TransAmerica route in Idaho to go through different sites and we did this all with the AAA maps and it worked out great. Please let me know if you have any further questions as I love to help others tackle the ride.

  4. We really like it! as cyclists and lovers of all the wonders of travelling, it is always inspiring to read about other fellow cyclists around the world.
    Great!! 🙂
    Mica (

  5. Sir Roger począł wycofywać się Barbra poniżej osłoną wiklin.
    W tej chwili powinno się
    na to samo poczekać. Przystęp wstrząsnął grodem.
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