Joys and Quirks of free Hosting


After moving to WordPress I found several of the features I had gotten use to on Google were not functional, here is how I got around those issues:

  • Calendar: Use the WordPress RSS Widget and run the Google Calendar RSS (xml) feed through 3rd RSS party (ex. feed43), full instructions here
  • Slide-Shows: Use a WordPress supported video tool and run your slide show feed through their URL path conversion.  I choose Vodpod, but note you don’t have to give Vodpod your WordPress login as it asks nor do you have to install their toolbar tool.  Create a Vodpod account, choose upload video, give it your Picasa or Flickr slide show embedded url feed, and get the Vodpod translated WordPress feed to use on your site
  • Videos: This actually works fine in WordPress, but they try to simplify it for you which doesn’t make it intuitive.  Instead of putting in the embedded html for YouTube or Vimeo simply start a new line with the tag or
  •  Tables: Editing text in the WordPress interface limits what you can do with your formating, to get around this I simply created my tables in an Office like program and copied and pasted in

WordPress isn’t the only with it’s quirks, Facebook had it’s fun as well:

  • Pages: There are Community Pages and Offical Pages, best example I could find on their differences is the example of – Offical Pages should be those hosted by their owner; ex. Lost TV Show & Community Pages should be hosted by their fans; ex. Lost Fan Page
  • Vanity URLs: In order to get a Facebook vanity url ex. you have to first have 25 page “likes” or members then you head to head to

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