Mapping Things Out

In planning for my TransAmerica tour after getting a Garmin eTrex a couple Winters ago as a Christmas present, using it for a month, I decided to return it.

My reasons were I would spend more time loading the maps and ensuring it’s right then actually using it while on the road. Don’t get me wrong I love tech I am a geek at heart, but my plan is to take laptop for uploading pictures to, blogging, and entertainment.  On that same laptop for free I can also load Google Earth and Garmin BaseCamp with the ACA maps imported to them and review as needed.

For actual riding I had my father in-law help with his AAA membership to get me the physical maps for free that I plan to highlight and use during actual riding, and worse comes to worse I have my smartphone with GPS.  I know what your thinking that the maps are useless without cell phone signal, but you can use Android Apps to save maps for offline use where cell phone signal is weak (there are apps out there for iPhone as well).

Yes I think this is overkill 🙂


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