Transamerica – Down and Dirty

It rained all weekend here in Austin and with temperatures we Texans consider cold (30 -40 F), so I took advantage of being inside to work on the day to day route details.

A few disclaimers about the route details:

– Overall start date may move
– It’s not set in stone
– The next days riding will be determined the night before or morning of
– Weather and ability will factor in
– Elevation gain & losses has been determined in
—- but needs verifying as humanly possible 🙂

The Highlights:

– Historic Yorktown & Chesapeake Bay
– Colonial Williamsburg
– Appalachian Mountains
Blue Ridge Parkway
– Mammoth Caves National Park
White fenced Horse Farms
Illinois & Missouri

– Ohio River Ferry
– Mississippi River
Missouri & Kansas
– The Great Plains
– Halfway Point, Pueblo
– Continental Divide at Hoosier Pass (elev 11,542)
– Breckenridge
– Grand Tetons
– Yellowstone National Park
– Adventure Cycling Headquarters, Missoula
– Panoramic Views
Lolo Pass (elev. 5233)
Salmon River & Lochsa River
– National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center
– Three Sisters Volcano’s
– McKenzie Pass (elev. 5325)
– Oregon Coast


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