The Hills They are a Climbing

Just finished mapping the route on Bikely and man is there some elevation, by the end over 200k ft of climbing!

A look at one of the harder days of the ride: Elkhorn City to Combs, KY – 85 miles and almost 7k feet of climbing

The nice part is since I am starting and finishing at sea level means there will be some good downhill days as well.

I will take hills any day over wind.


3 thoughts on “The Hills They are a Climbing

  1. Again, I learn from you. The map looks great, and I assume it will update with your continual mileage/trek as you go? The events calendar looks like a good idea, also.
    Stay in touch. Wish I were still going to be in VA when you guys leave…. well, sort of, because I’d like to meet you guys and give you a cheer. But I may be in Niagara Falls by then.
    What are your “gotta see” items along your way? Have you allowed days for rest? for Sight seeing?

    • Thanks for the details on the gallery. Gotta see’s for me along the way are really just the mountain and vista’s, but taking a break in Yellowstone which will be a highlight and driving home from the end we are road tripping through Crater Lake, Redwoods, Slot Canyons, and Arches National Park.

  2. We’ve learned to stop looking at elevation as it tends to psyche yourself out 🙂 Its good to know a rough sense of the terrain, but don’t get too stuck on the details because it makes it harder mentally.

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