Winos & Trains

Day 4 – Ashland to Mineral, VA – 42 miles

As we get into more rural areas getting one bar on the cell phone signal is getting tough and wifi is pretty much out of the question so updates may be far in between.

Speaking of far and in between we had to cut day 4 short in order to ensure an overnight sleep spot as the next camp ground was over another 50 miles away on top of our 42 miles.  We didn’t mind though since our previous day was 70+ miles and their was Tornado and Hail warnings looming.  The fine volunteer folks at the Mineral Fire Department took us in plus it was a nice town to explore since we had some time.

Ladies of Mineral BBQ

Mineral Fire Station

Called to a brush fire

Resting in the Fire House

Love the Green

Watching the Storms and Trains role through


4 thoughts on “Winos & Trains

  1. I was thinking about you and worrying about the weather, but I see you are doing well, and in good hands! Love the pictures-especially the green one! Buckle your armor and good luck to you!! xo lee,steve,austin&brooklyn

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