Pro Mountain

Day 6 – White Hall to Vesuvius, VA – 43 miles (lots of climbing)

The Appalachian Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway has to be some of the prettiest parts of the United States.  The day was prefect weather after we let the storms role out and a brisk feel in the air for our climbing legs.  We stopped and took a visit with the TransAmerica famous Cookie Lady and toured her cyclist bunk house; WOW what a collection.

Our luck continued as we stopped for a water refill on the Parkway and happened to run into Team Radioshack’s Ben King, who is a up and coming Pro Cycling star that managed to achieve a career goal solo victory in the 2010 US Nationals as a junior beating the pro’s.

1 out of 4 full rooms of biker donations

Deer Spotting

Can you read the name on the top tube?

Ben King

Gertie and Tammy were great to us, Thanks!


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