Goodbye Virgina

Day 12 – Damascus to Breaks, VA – 80 miles (lots of climbing)

We started the day early to make the push to the state line.  The day had a little of everything; rain, sleet, sun, and Mark setting a record for more flats in a single day.  We thank the great state of Virgina and all it’s kind folks and hoping we will find the same generosity and good roads in Kentucky.

The morning light made for some good shots

Storm damage from the twisters a couple weeks back

A day in the life of Mark

Day started in the 30's and never got out of the low 40's & wet

Mark in the distance

Grand Canyon of the East

Making Friends

Goodbye Virgina


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Virgina

  1. Hey Dustin! I’m loving following your journey. I did a similar trip on foot across Spain many years back so I know what a transformative experience it can be. Savor every day! I’m living vicariously through you at the moment. 🙂

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