You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Day 16 – Berea to Springfield, KY – 61 miles

This morning started out with a great story of happiness, friendship, love, and connection that struck a cord with me. Overnight we stayed OH Kentucky Campground in Berea and I met Jim there, we talked for just a moment last night but you could tell you liked him.

Bright and early this morning I bugged Jim for a cup, some water, and a microwave to make some instant oatmeal.  While standing around the shop I noticed a bunch of empty water bottles on the wall so I inquired.  Jim smiled and told us some good stories:

“Those were gifts to my late wife, you see first she only wanted gold jewelery so I got her all she wanted over time, then she wanted diamonds and again I made sure she had all the diamonds she wanted, finally as I was preparing to head down to the Bahamas for another scuba trip I asked her what she would like me to bring back, ‘oh just a water bottle is fine’.”

Jim went on to explain that he and his wife had a great relationship and were die hard Rolling Stones fans, they had traveled all over watching the Stones and had some sentimental water bottles from their concerts.  Then they went on to make further memories and taking away water bottles as souvenirs to their memories; each one had a story.

Jim wife Deb fought hard the 5 years she had cancer and passed away last year; Jim without hesitating said “I wouldn’t trade a day of it for the world”.

Love your life!

Happy Mothers Day – Phillis, Mary Sue, and all the mom’s out there!!!

About half the collection

We have been chased by A LOT of dogs, think he will chase?

Nah, Golden's are all love

Wait, did I make a wrong turn? How long was I cycling today?

Office Chair


6 thoughts on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want

  1. it is 8:10 am Monday morning 5-9-11, my longitude apps is 17 hours old and has you in Springfield, KY I will ck later.

  2. I LOVE looking at your posts! The photos and stories are so amazing–what an experience you are having. Keep ’em coming and have a wonderful ride!

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