Make Your Mark

Day 17 – Springfield to Hodgenville, KY – 50 miles

Today was a rest / play day despite getting 50 miles in; why? Because we visited the Maker’s Mark Distillery in Loretto, KY.  I don’t drink much liquor, but when I do it’s Maker’s Mark; so this was quiet a treat.  When we arrived around lunch there was some strange touring cyclist who had already beat us here, so we adopted him and he is taking us the rest of the way to Oregon.

Actually the new cyclist is Jon who is from Minneapolis, MN and he started 4 days behind us, but despite that he managed to catchup to us by pulling long hard days and skipping rest days.  Jon glad to have you with us!

New guy Jon and his ride

Most interested I have seen them this whole trip

Moonshine taste testing

Taste testing is the best part

Jon thinks it's wine

Not sold in stores


14 thoughts on “Make Your Mark

  1. really? we have to show your blog during tomorrow’s all hands meeting….and what do we get? You boozin it up at the makers mark distillery (completely jealous btw).

    We may scroll down and “highlight” the feel-good story just below it.

  2. Im glad to see you are having a good time! I enjoy getting to follow you across the states.

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