Goodbye Kentucky, Hello Illinois

Day 19 – Utica, KY to Shawneetown, IL – 70 miles

With the previous day being over a 100 miles we new we wanted to cut back the mileage a little bit, but there wasn’t really a good stopping point until Shawneetown; so we pushed on.  In our tired state and haste of pushing on we weren’t firing on all cylinders and had some cobwebs in our system, which leads us to the story of the day.

If you were a single mom with two young kids coming out of the movie theater in the evening and a strange man came up to you and asked you for a ride home, would you give it? (I hope my wife wouldn’t)

Now imagine your a single mom with two young kids working as a convenience store clerk and a smelly, beaten, lycra clad man comes into your store around 7pm and asks for a ride back to the next city; would you give it?  Maybe you would even over taking him after your shift is over at 10pm, but you can sense his dejection, would you offer him your $11k automobile when at best he has to offer you $1k dollars in bike collateral?

Well Illinois has some friendly folks, namely one Ms. Judy who works at the Shawneetown Convenience Store.  Mark was having a semi-bad day, a few flats, and when we rolled into Morganfield, KY we were glad to see a DQ for a much needed Blizzard.  After feeling refreshed we rode the last 15 miles of the day to Shawneetown, IL.  Mark rolled in a few minutes after us thanks to flat #11 with some really bad news, Mark had left his iPhone back in Morganfield.  After already riding 70 miles the thought of riding 15 miles back to get the phone and another 15 miles back to our overnight spot wasn’t very tempting.  Especially since the next day we had planned to ride 90-100 miles and he was starving.  After going through some self anger steps and realizing he was going to have to hitch back or find an alternative; he eventually found the wonderful, life saving Judy.

Thank You Judy!!!

Thank You Judy!

Previous Overnight spot, Thank You Utica Volunteer Fire Department

Not all pictures can be pretty, some reality

We have seen lots of Soy farms

What's better for your tires then fresh 300`f asphalt

Western Kentucky not as I expected it

Finally saw my first horse farm

DQ good for Blizzards and lost iPhones

How blog updates happen on the road even after the libraries are closed


5 thoughts on “Goodbye Kentucky, Hello Illinois

  1. Another inspirational story from the Midwest! With that baby-face, Mark looks harmless! Enjoy your visit with your folks. We’re looking forward to our meeting in Kansas!

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