Road Goes On Forever

Day 22 – Farmington to Eminence, MO – 87 miles (lots of climbing)
Day 23 – Eminence, MO – Rest Day

Silver linings is what I was thinking of as I started the ride at 6am in 40` temps, raining, and 20mph headwinds; the lining being that this was really the first bad weather riding day we have experienced. Days like this could really break you down, especially when you are wearing all your layers and they are soaked through.

More silver linings of the day were: the rain stopped, met my first west to east cross country rider, I got to see my parents 60 miles into the ride and the rest of the weekend, they SAG’ed our gear the last and hardest 27 miles, and we had the next day off from riding (first one in two weeks – hope we don’t regret it).

Matt from Arizona started March 11th from the west coast

Ozark fresh water - Current River

Rocky Falls


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