The Show Me State

Day 24 – Eminence to Hartville, MO – 78 miles

Big thanks to my parents for not only driving across the USA to see us but SAG’ing for us during two days of riding; Love Y’all!

Today they let us get a head start and met us 40 miles down the road after the worst hills of the day with our gear.  Taking the rest day yesterday worked out to be well timed as it was cold and rained most the afternoon.  Today started a little chilly and had some wind but all in all was a beautiful day; glad we got to say goodbye to the Ozarks with nice weather.

Parents drove from Houston, TX to Houston, MO

Had it been a hotter day, we would of taken the quarry plunge

Saying goodbye to the Ozarks

Overnight lawn accommodations on the Hartville Court House Lawn


4 thoughts on “The Show Me State

  1. Another group of nice photos. I am curious if you know where you plan to stay each night or just wing it as you get to your destination. I would have never thought you get to sleep on the lawn of a court house.

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