Not Much To Say

Day 27 – Pittsburgh to Fredonia, KS – 71 miles
Day 28 – Fredonia to Wichita, KS – 82 miles

Kansas is Kansas; I am not sure if it’s because I grew up in Texas and I view Oklahoma and Kansas as an extension of the panhandle of Texas (insert arrogant Texan viewpoint here) or if it’s just because it’s Kansas.  The great news is there has been a 50-70% tailwind, the weather has been comfortably overcast, but the scenery has been a little repetitive.

Exciting weekend starting tomorrow, more to come…

Fellow riders Jon and Mark

The Kansas I expected

The Kansas I expected

Great folks of Fredonia City Hall gave us a shower and their park

Mark's Fan Club - Fredonia, KS Chapter

Jon's g/f Tia helped SAG for half our ride into Wichita


One thought on “Not Much To Say

  1. Wow! Your right, not s lot to say about Kansas. Nice pictures! (sounds good, I guess) Hope your having fun anyway.

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