The Long Break

Day 29 & 30 – Wichita, KS – Rest Days

Technically we are halfway across the country, but since we are going the long way across the halfway mark for us won’t be for another week or so in Pueblo, CO.  Since we were just 550 miles from Austin, due north on I-35, and after a month apart this was the first chance for me to see my wife and parents;hence the long break.  For the first time in the trip we took two consecutive days off from riding and they were wonderful.

Thank You for the great support!

Mark considering trading in the wheels for an electric

Thank You for the love and support

Wife found us a place to sample local brews

The Fam


5 thoughts on “The Long Break

  1. Hey man! It’s great to see you and Em Sue together again. Called you Dad this morning to make sure you were west of Joplin before the tornado hit, it was to reminisant of my time in the Panhandle of Texas and one that hit Planinview. You go man!!

  2. Dustin,
    Wow! I was so excited to read this post! Looks like you had a great time with your family! I really enjoy following you on your trip!
    Mary Noel

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