Crazy Weather

Day 32 – Nickerson to Rush Center, KS – 87 miles

We have been very fortunate in Kansas as we feared headwinds the whole way across and have been blessed with 5 out of 5 full days of tailwinds, though tonight we payed for the tailwinds.  I was informed the wind in Kansas doesn’t blow from the east and it’s causing all the major storm outbreaks when colliding with the weather out of the west.  As luck would have it when we rode into Rush Center we made friends with the volunteer fire department folks and were able to ride out the storms in the station and as our overnight spot.

Speaking of overnight spots; an update from the night before in Nickerson.  We had met Phyllis and her friends and they allowed us to spend the evening in the Senior Center in case the fore-casted storms blew in.  It ended not storming last night but we did catch some rain in the early part of today at the beginning of our ride.

The outlook for tomorrows wind is not so lucky as it appears that we will have to fight 15-35mph headwinds with gusts up to 50mph; heres hoping the weatherman is wrong on this one.

Photograph provided by Mark


Spotted our 1st cattle yard northeast of Dodge City

Overnight spot in Rush Center, KS and storm shelter

We never learn to go to the "safe" part of the building

Golf ball size hail would hurt a lot on bikes

Green sky during the calm of the storm

Closest tornado touchdown was 3-5 miles away, we were lucky

We are very tempted to press the "attack" button to hear what it sounds like

Our upgraded overnight spot the night before in Nickerson, KS

Phyllis informed me she didn't like her picture taken, until I saw this picture I wasn't sure how serious she was


7 thoughts on “Crazy Weather

      • I’m glad you stopped at Gray’s Coors Tavern in Pueblo, Colorado yesterday. Hope you enjoyed the sloppers and had a good time. Good luck with the rest of the trip and stop by if your coming through Pueblo again. First round is on me.

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