An Ocean of Land

Day 35 – Sheridan Lake to Ordway, CO – 88 miles

When your riding through miles and miles of empty baron land you begin to view it like an endless ocean and it takes on it’s own beauty.

Anyone know the snake type? It didn't have a rattler.

Semi's are the waves in this ocean, when they are coming head-on they send a wave of wind over you slowing you down

But when they are going with you, they send a wave of wind pushing you faster down the road

Met David and Heidi from Palmer, Alaska heading West to East -

Also met Andy and Kim who are heading West to East in separate sections as they get time off -

Can you see the rockies? Look hard between the clouds and buildings, 80 miles away

We thought we were stopping for a Gatorade refill

Instead we found Smooches bar in Sugar City, CO -

Made some new friends and they even bought us a couple rounds

Gillan's Ranch is our overnight spot in Ordway, CO

Gillian has a big heart for taking in all sorts of animals and cyclist alike


Nice company for a large grilled up dinner with friends

The stars are big and bright deep in the heart of Colorado too


2 thoughts on “An Ocean of Land

  1. I believe that snake is the non-poisonous Fox Snake, but don’t test my theory. =)

    Great pics – enjoyed that B&W. Take care…

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