Breaking into the Rockies

Day 36 – Ordway to Pueblo West, CO – 65 miles
Day 37 – Pueblo West  to Guffey, CO – 84 miles
(very windy & over 5k ft of climbing)

The rockies weren’t going to let us in without a fight.  Saturday we had a easy ride into Pueblo and enjoyed the town and some rest before our start into the rockies.

We did enjoy the town but rest was hard to find since it was Memorial weekend and we found a new level of sleep disturbence  by some very “dark pink neck” folks jamming what can only be called country rap music by someone of the name of Colt Ford (real name Jason, but what better way to market yourself to rednecks then the colt 45 and ford trucks; don’t waste your time looking him up).

Sunday we fought 25mph head/side winds for the first 30 miles until we made a turn North into the heart of the rockies.  The riding was tough, but it was harder to find food for a overnight spot as we finally settled into a small ranch on the map.

Found a new set of wheels in Pueblo

Home of the Slopper

Travel Channels Food Wars Challenge - The Slopper

Another brewery on route

A useful guide for us to follow throughout Colorado

It's amazing what you can buy at Wal-Mart these days

Didn't get to visit this time, but perhaps in the future

Hadn't seen the 76 route sign since Virgina, good to know we are still on route

The Bull Moose in Guffy gave us some good food and advice on an overnight spot


6 thoughts on “Breaking into the Rockies

  1. hi there,

    A guy from bikeforums whose been following your reports.
    This last photo today, tent/picnic bench/bike/end of day sun on hills–man it looks like HDR, its gotta be. Really nice photo.

    been meaning to ask, how did you get rid of the front bags? I recall you getting someone to take some stuff for a while in a car,parents or something, but have you reduced stuff to a minimum now?

    how is the frame doing, how is the flexy flexy that was bugging you when you started doing some loaded test rides?

    well, all the best for rest of trip.

    cheers from Montreal, Canada.
    David/djb from BF

    • Hey David, it’s not HDR but has been enhanced on saturation and contrast, thanks.

      As for getting rid of the front bags check out the “My Gear” page to see what I sent home. What really solved it for me was a trip to Walmart in Wichita, KS. They had surprisingly cheap decent bike gear and camping equipment that allowed me to move my tent from one of my panniers to the top rear rack (dry bag $6). Then they had a large Schwinn handlebar bag that I use for my camera, sunscreen, and misc. quick access stuff for $14. Pretty funny considering touring brands are $70+ for these.

      The frame flex is still there, but holding up well and I noticed when I carry around less then 30lbs it goes away. Really just had to learn how to work with the bike when peddling out of the saddle, getting timing down.

      Thanks for saying hi and agree the price is too high, since it would really be priceless after this ride 🙂

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