Ups and Downs

Day 38 – Guffey to Dillon, CO – 80 miles (elev. 11,539)
Day 39 – Dillon, CO – Rest Day

The physical demands and long days outside of our normal elements drains on the body after some time.  With these demands has it awards and this ridding day summed up a lot of this adventure within a day.

The day started very early in hopes to beat the wind as we got rolling before 6am.  Within the first six miles of the day we crossed our first pass, Current Creek Pass at 9,404 ft., we were on a high as we first started seeing the real snowcapped rockies.

After crossing the pass we descended into a valley where the winds increased dramatically out of the west; 20-30mph with gusts up to 40mph.  Some of the roads we ride on have nice wide shoulders and others have no shoulder at all, the one we were on for today had a small shoulder with a gravel runoff.  Just outside of Fairplay, CO my front tire hit the gravel and I took my first fall of the trip, luckily because of the high winds I wasn’t moving very fast.

We refueled at an early lunch and took on our final approach on the Hoosier Pass 11,542; our highest point on this trip.  The winds hit us again as we left town, but we continued to climb.  As we approached the start of the final four mile stretch we crossed paths with another TransAm rider, Tim, heading east; with some new inspiration and rest break we headed on.

The climb itself was relatively easy with a low grade but you had to be careful not to push too fast as the altitude caused a shortness of breath that was more noticeable then usual.  As I reached the summit a sense of accomplishment and pride rushed over and you just couldn’t help from acting like an excited kid who just won a game.

The peak was followed by a fun twisty (and cold) decent into Breckenridge and a celebratory beer at the Breckenridge Brewery.  The final ride from Breckenridge to Dillon had it’s ups and downs as well, the wind was high and snowing, but on the best bike path I have ever ridden on.

Maybe the most fun I have had on a bike ever!


9 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. I am so jealous. You are in my favorite place on Earth! As a kid, growing up in Denver my favorite day trip was Dillon to Breckenridge then Hoosier Pass home. Enjoy, soak in a little mountain air for me, and enjoy what has to one of the best bike trails in the country!

  2. Snow!!! That’s soooo not fair. I just got back from the beach, I’m sun burned and still have sand everywhere. And it was HOT and humid! Enjoy it and eat some snow for me!

  3. Looks awesome boys. I left you with alcohol, and I return to find you in the a similar state. You all make me proud, and I sometimes regret that I left, but I’m having a blast at home. I’m rooting for you all, and can’t wait till the Pacific wheel dip.

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