Parking It

Day 47 – Dubois to Grand Tetons National Park, WY – 62 miles

If I was to rename this blog I think I would change it to Random Acts of Kindness, seeing how well this trip has gone.  After Lee* enabled me to get a great nights rest after the long day yesterday; at lunch today the Johnson’s picked up my tab (just because).

People are Great!

Beautiful wind free morning

It's a climbing day, notice how quick the scenery changed

Heading up to Togwotee Pass - elev. 9,658 (just happy there isn't any wind)

Crested the pass and it's all downhill

Alright I am 5'11" and David and Elliot make me look like a shrimp (I was on the downhill side of the hill :)). They are heading West to East -

Yeah the Tetons!

Due to construction near the park they require cyclist to be ferried across in the back of a pickup truck. I insisted I could ride and keep up with the cars on the 30 mph construction downhill; so they asked me to wait in timeout off to the side while they figured out how to deal with me

After some sweet talking and thanks to them they allowed me to ride the 3 miles down to keep my bike ride alive (no cheating in vehicles)

The Johnson's from Nacogdoches, TX drove all the way up to visit their kids who are on their way from Alaska to TX, we talked for a while and to my surprise they picked up my lunch tab; THANK YOU again

The sky darkened as I approached Jackson Lake

As I got within a mile of my overnight spot it started to rain

I took refuge from the rain on the outside of an out house, thought I would wait it out, but after an hour I decide to ride and get wet; it stopped raining 5 minutes later 🙂

Overnight spot in Signal Mountain Lodge Campground - did Signal get's it's name for it's reception?


8 thoughts on “Parking It

  1. The more I see of your ride, the more I wish I could see (and show to the kiddos) the gorgeous countryside that you are seeing. Each photo is breath taking and I know it doesn’t even begin to it justice.
    Also, I must say the kindness of strangers has been a pleasant surprise as you continue this journey and must make those hard times when you (have to be) exhausted and you miss your family and friends.

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