Boiling Point

Day 49 & 50 – Grand Tetons and Yellowstone Parks – Rest Day

Who knew after almost 50 days of cycling that I would feel the most sore in the legs after hiking a couple days in the parks, but it’s been such a blast!

Hiking to Hidden Falls

Trying out the 2nd (zoom) lens the wife brought for the camera

Mistakenly thought this was the hidden falls, hmmm...

Can you spot the marmot?

Again, still not the hidden falls

Hidden Falls!!!

Sometimes when taking a picture, you feel a presence in the area

Strike a high school pose

Elk or Deer?

How many people walk past Old Faithful to see the other geysers?

Beehive Geyser shoots much higher

You don't really get the effect of the pool unless you see it from above -

Um... yeah, something like this but much bigger

Made it, but not by bike

Mammoth Hot Springs

Sadly they never replaced the park tour buses since the 1930's


4 thoughts on “Boiling Point

  1. I didn’t see the marmot but I did see two love birds! You two are so cute and what a wonderful time you must be having. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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