Da Bears

Day 51 – Yellowstone, WY – Rest Day
Day 52 – Jackson, WY to Swan Valley, ID – 46 miles

The last four days with the wife have been great and a little tiring covering Yellowstone in 2 days, but unfortunately she has to go back to work (someone has to make the money :)) and we continue on our journey.  This time in a new direction and going off the Trans America trail.

We decided the path through Montana didn’t hold anything to our interest and we are taking a detour through Idaho to visit the Craters of the Moon National Park.  Our new route will have us hitting the following cities in order and ending up back on route in Bates, OR: Victor, Swan Valley, Idaho Falls, Arco, Carey, Mountain Home, Boise, Vale, and Unity.

Phillip, Timothy, and Noah riding from Oregon to DC (no blog)

It took our last day heading out to finally see a bear, boy are we thankful

8 miles back into cycling and welcome to Teton Pass

Climbing in the 40 degree rain; uphill you stay pretty warm due to body heat

Downhill on the other hand; freezing

Grand Teton Brewing Company: Victor, ID - http://www.grandtetonbrewing.com/

The payoff for today's hard work

The other type of payoff; downhill into Swan Valley


10 thoughts on “Da Bears

    • Not really keeping track, but can name a couple favorites; unfortunately one is a micro brew and the other doesn’t ship to Texas, the say TABC makes it very difficult for out of staters

  1. Teton Pass is a real climb – I road down the Idaho to Jackson Hole; it was a screamer!
    Haven’t been to Montana, but I can vouch for Craters – it’s really cool. Hope you have the better part of the day to explore (don’t miss the lava tubes).

  2. I was pretty sure the comment of the picture with me and Swan Valley in it was going to say “The other type of payoff; downhill into Swan Valley while looking at Mark’s behind” I’m glad you took the high road.

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