Atomic City

Day 54 – Idaho Falls to Arco, ID – 68 miles

What a day of unexpected surprises.  We knew we had to cover our longest stretch yet with no place to stop for food or drinks and on top of that it was going to be a windy day; so we got out bright and early.

We made it into Arco, ID after lunch and after fueling up on food our next step was to find a place to sleep.  After checking with the city offices we learned we were not allowed to camp in the parks, but we did meet Virginia.  She warmed to us quickly (and us her) as she offered a rental lot of hers for our use to camp at and told us to stop by for snacks at her back porch after work.

We enjoyed meeting her husband Rod, her little dog “Rodent”, and her neighbors adopted dog BV (short for Black Velvet).  After exchanging stories and a quick run to the grocery store we had a great backyard cookout.  Fast forward to later in the evening and we found ourselves invited in to sleep in their basement and cleanup in the showers.  I love how we have these unexpected surprises along the way.

Thank You Virginia and Rod!!!

1st Nuclear City! We met Ed who is heading to Wyoming

Hit the road by 6am to beat the wind

Back on the Oregon Trail again (sort of)

Pretty much our view for the 60+ miles

The 1st Nuclear sub was donated back to the town after it's service

Chevrolet Impala

Rodent 🙂

BV is an attention ham

Notice the bear carved into an old tree and the graduation years on the mountain

Very detailed tree work all done with a chainsaw

Mark doing what he does best (next to riding of course)

Thank You Virginia and Rod


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