To the Moon, Alice!

Day 55 – Arco to Stanton Crossing, ID – 71 miles (windy)

The weatherman lies, supposedly the wind wasn’t going to get above 10mph and because of this we took a nice late start leaving Arco and the hospitality at Virginia’s house.  Well when we did finally hit the road a little after 10am the wind was already pushing almost 20mph as a headwind.

To breakup the day we took a midday break at Craters of the Moon National Monument and enjoyed touring the lava tubes and fields.  Once we got back on the road around 3pm we had thought the wind died down but was wrong.  So once we made it into Carey we were in no hurry to ride the final 30 miles to our campsite.

Luckily we ran into Sandy and Gretchen who are riding from Oregon to Louisiana.  Sandy has done many cross country rides and she sent our contact information to her husband who looks like he will be helping us with an overnight spot in Redmond, OR (thank you Slim in advance :)).

Due to the long breaks and waiting for the wind to die down we didn’t make it into camp until 9:25pm, but out here you can still see in the twilight until then.


I have landed on the moon, minus the green hill in the background

Witches tree

Lava tubes

A much bigger lava tube that has now left caves behind

Silk Worms?

Good to see our parks embracing solar energy

Gretchen, Dustin, and Sandy

You can see Mark climbing way in the distance (click picture to zoom)

The late ride into the sunset made for some nice lighting

And apparently good fishing



4 thoughts on “To the Moon, Alice!

  1. Hey there Dustin, how about those Idaho winds. Hope all is going well. Jess and I are about to head into Kansas. We got had a nice week break between Boulder and Colorado Springs.

    Keep Pedalin,
    Chris and Jess from Austin

  2. Dustin, so you did go by the idaho National Engineering Lab, Arco and Craters of Moon. Is there still a collection of steam tractors in a farmer’s front yard along that road?

    • Yeah we took a detour from Montana to come through Idaho instead. I didn’t see any steam tractors but did notice I was glowing after I left the area 🙂

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