Highway to Hell

Day 56 – Stanton Crossing to Mountain Home, ID – 83 miles
Day 57 – Mountain Home to Boise, ID – 46 miles

Boise is not hell, but the highway their did leave me with my 2nd flat; so you make your assumptions.

Flat #2 for the trip

Only thing in 82 miles is Fairfield, with an airstrip

Overnight spot in Mountain Home, ID

Our second time on a highway during this trip; this time the 30 miles was by our choice

Steve & Haley were very cool; heading to NY - http://twitter.com/spinmodeusa

Folks at Idaho Mountain Touring were awesome - https://www.facebook.com/IdahoMtnTouring

Oh, I think I saw a spot of green 🙂

Saturday nightlife

We stumbled into a contest that we love, though could be for a Porter

Let the judging begin

We get distracted easily by the Tour of Switzerland


4 thoughts on “Highway to Hell

  1. Dustin, I am Lee Anne Stone’s sister in law (Grant’s wife – if that makes it easier). Emily Sue forwarded your blog. My parents live in Boise! Hope you enjoyed your time there. What an experience riding across country! Good luck to the rest of your trip! I gave Em some wine suggestions if you end up going through Napa! 🙂
    – Brooke Stone

    • Really just tubes, I did a tire swap in Wichita Kansas when my wife drive up just because I had a spare tire at home. Though the old tire was still good.

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