West Coast State of Mind

Day 58 – Boise to Caldwell, ID – 32 miles
Day 59 – Caldwell, ID to Brogan, OR – 69 miles
Day 60 – Brogan to Unity, OR – 42 miles

As we entered our last state the feeling of the end is drawing near with mixed emotions of excitement, accomplishment, eagerness, and some sadness; it reminds me of the excitement and reflection you have around mile 23 of a marathon.

Looking at the calendar on when Mark is planning to meet his girlfriend in Eugene, a week from today, and only having 300 miles left to cover we realize we have to slow our pace or end up in Eugene too quickly (7 days at 42.8 miles).

So for the next week we are going to have plenty of time on our hands as we finish our riding at about halfway through the day.

No "Welcome to Oregon" Sign?

Flat issues continued the next couple days thanks to this hidden little guy

The Garage Cafe in Notus, ID - http://www.TheGarageCafe.webs.com

Talked with the owner Scott about his Super Bee and passion for all things Mopar

Working the crops the hard way

Alright David P. what type of snake is this?

Our hangout spot in Brogan, OR

Making friends with the fellow campers, he partied loud in the morning

And some crazy drivers in the area, claimed his boss was a truck driver

A short easy day to Unity, OR to find The Ditch Restaurant

Where after food and refreshments we take a snooze until tomorrow


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