Three Sisters

Day 62 – John Day to Mitchell, OR – 69 miles (windy)
Day 63 – Mitchell to Redmond, OR – 67 miles

Two days of climbing is how the past couple rides have gone. The first a long slow grind with a disappointing downhill full of headwind and the second was a good steep climb right away then a slight downhill for the rest of the day; I prefer the later.

With less then 180 miles to go before reaching the coast the excitement is building, but before I can touch the ocean I will have to wait.  When planning this adventure my wife and I set out to make as much of it a vacation together as possible and in doing so you had to pick some dates to book flights around. Sometimes I was behind and had to work hard to catch up (that very windy riding day to Dubois, WY) and other times like now I am ahead and have to sit back and take a break.

So next week you will see I may be within a stones throw to finishing yet taking unneeded rest days; it’s all apart of the plan. 🙂

When it rains, go with it

Ride with Caution

"Keep Oregon Canyons Weird"

End of a hard day

There is lots of ways to tour across the USA: this one carries all your gear, has supported rest stops, and you stay all nights in hotels -

When I first saw them I thought it was a weekend club ride; there was 45 of them

Later down the road ran into more traditional tourers Leon and Jim, they are heading to Maine

The 3 Sisters, we will get a chance to see them a little more up close


Cascade Lakes Brewing Company -

Relaxing in Redmond, OR thanks to Slim, Sandy, and Gretchen who we met in Carey, ID (more on this in the next post) -


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