Random Acts of Kindness

Day 64 – Redmond, OR – Rest Day
Day 65 – Redmond to Rainbow, OR – 65 miles

Who knew when we approached Sandy and Gretchen in Carey, ID that it would lead us to meeting Sandy’s husband and Gretchen’s dad, Slim, in Redmond, OR. Slim and Sandy have been bicycle touring for almost 20 years and it all started in Alaska when they were considering touring the country on Harley Davidson’s until a buddy of theirs told them about how he toured on bicycle and the all familiar thought of “if he can do it, I can surly do it”. One visit to a bike shop later, plus add in a cross state tour and they were hooked.

Slim recalled many of their rides across and around the USA but unfortunately due to a knee replacement and rehab his next tour, perhaps across Washington, is on hold for now. We were thankful though as Slim and Sandy opened up their home to us for a couple nights and even treated us to a couple meals; THANK YOU!

Random run-ins like this is the #1 best part of touring across America; on bicycle you are non-threatening and approachable, plus it seems that people are anxious to help. I love it.

Eating anything you want for 2-3 months has been great as well and the #2 best part 🙂

Slim and the guys

Gretchen and Sandy back in Carey, ID

The relaxing pad (with a great view) in Redmond, OR

Mark riding his very patriotic Co-Motion to Virginia - http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/marks2011transam

A great surprise to our day for the last real mountain climb of the ride, the road was closed to cars

You can see the fit might be tight for cars 🙂

12ft snowdrifts in late June at less then 6k ft

It's officially all downhill from here, pedaling optional

Taking our victory high fives from Rene

North Sister, 6.6 miles

Back to heading West

Commence biking across America


3 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. You made it over McKenzie Pass – that’s great!
    Pete & I tried that, and failed, in June of ’84 because there was still too much snow on the road at that time – the road crews hadn’t even started trying to clear the snow. I remember the ride down from the aborted climb as one the most miserable rides ever (freezing cold), but then we stayed at a hot springs near western base of the pass and had a great recovery.

    I haven’t been back to Eugene, but we had a good stay there – very bike friendly as I recall. Enjoy!

    • We almost went to those hot springs but decided to get a little more milage in.

      Funny how weather can make one experience horrible and another one great. We had a similar downhill experience coming down Hoosier Pass (freezing / wet).

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