Goddess Ninkasi

Day 66 – Rainbow to Eugene, OR – 53 miles
Day 67 – Eugene, OR – Rest Day

Riding into Eugene marks our last ride together as a group.  The three of us started separately from each other and I find it fitting that even though we made it all this way together we will embrace the ending moments apart.  Over beers last night we discussed if “its” hit us yet on what we accomplished and what we expect to find in ourselves when we stand in front of the Pacific Ocean.

We don’t know, but we’re anxious to get there to find out 🙂

Since first opening 4 years ago it's rapidly growing it's production 10x - http://www.ninkasibrewing.com/

Simply because it's good beer - http://www.facebook.com/NinkasiBrewing

Met Nick at the Brewery who was in the process of moving his apartment on the local bike builders - Human Powered Machines "Long Haul" - http://hpm.catoregon.org/

Talking bikes, beer, and tours; seems fitting

Bicycle RV or Spaceship?

Taking in the rest of Eugene over the next day

Touring CAT and HPM - http://www.catoregon.org/

HPM working on a new tandem model?

Couple of nice Long Haul models

CAT sold me on this Penny-farthing, traded the touring bike straight up for it 🙂

The HPM apprentice program incorporates not only bike building but community work in the local Skinner City Farm - http://skinnercityfarm.wordpress.com

Huge Thanks to Wes and Lizzie for a place to rest while in Eugene


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