Coast to Coast

Day 69 – Eugene to Florence, OR – 80 miles
Day 70 – Florence to Pacific Ocean – 5 miles

Well, we did it!

I could not have done it without the great people that have been supporting and cheering me along the way.  Thank you to my wife, family, friends, colleagues, and anyone online who has followed along and commented. Knowing I had accountability to each of you saw me through the tough times and made me smile in the good times.

But the adventure isn’t over yet, stayed tuned in the coming days as we journey home, in a much faster mode of transportation, and celebrate America’s birthday while visiting it’s beautiful national parks.  Plus in the weeks to follow I plan to write a ride-in-review which will include stats, gear reviews, what worked and didn’t, credits, and a few other topics.

Who knows maybe by then I will figure out the next goal to go after; open to suggestions :).

As I rode into Florence I literally felt like each mile was a countdown to the end

Triangle Lake Creek Falls

If your kids ever ask you "where do trees come from" and you answer Oregon, you may not be lying

Jon and I met up on route to say our goodbyes

Lunch at Alpha Bit Cafe, they grow a lot of the ingredients from their farm -

You can sense the ocean getting close

Some clever camera work by my copilot in life

Not going to lie I actually got a little teary eyed when I first saw the water (No Mark, I didn't cry :))

It's Official; rear tire dip in the Atlantic, front tire dip in the Pacific

Was going to take a celebratory dip in the Pacific, but....

Copilot and #1 Fan

Won't be needing this anymore


20 thoughts on “Coast to Coast

  1. Congratulations!! I have enjoyed reading every minute of your adventure and thank you for sharing. Now, go spend the next week telling your wife how wonderful she is to support you through this journey. You are quite blessed.

  2. You weren’t the only one to tear up viewing that beautiful Pacific Ocean! The hundreds of your faithful fans who have lived this incredible experience with you, day-in and day-out, are as excited for your achievement, but likewise sad that the journey has ended. And it was only appropriate that your “co-pilot” in life and biggest supporter of your dream was with you today for the front-wheel dip in the Pacific! Congratulations!

  3. Wow! I am totally impressed! Great job! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and seeing all of the beautiful pictures. I’m going to miss getting them. Now go relax you crazy, crazy man!

  4. Way to go Dustin!
    Might I add that although I haven’t made a post yet, I followed you everyday. Your stories and photography were beautiful and inspirational. I’ve shared your posts with others and each person said, one, that is amazing, and two, where does he work, I want his job :). You really did keep me daydreaming and hoping during my many long and lone study hours.

    We all can’t wait to see you!

  5. Hey Dustin! I haven’t commented before but I’ve followed you the entire way, enjoying each and every post. I have loved all the pics and felt at times like I was right there with ya! What a great experience and adventure. Thanks for sharing it with all of us as we worked at our computers, looking out the window and wishing we were seeing the great scenery that you were. Congrats to you! What a ride! Safe travels home…

  6. Congratumalations friend…! Very proud of you and your journey…I hope it was the time of your life! We miss you back here in Austin, so can’t wait for you to make it home and get all the good stories…!

  7. Dustin, I am humbled by your accomplishment and the photo journal that you created is worth more than a 1000 words. I have loved the pictures and posts and am absolutely looking forward to seeing your photo book ( this is a must do) of all the great shots and interesting people you met and saw on the way. Thank you for sharing this adventure with all of us. Have a safe trip home, enjoy the week with your #1 fan and congratulations on your fantastic bike trip. Hope we see you next time we are in Austin.


  8. Congrats on the trip! I’ve been following along every day. Hoping the do the TransAm next year. You’re an inspiration to many!



  9. Greetings from Fredonia. We met when you recovered my daughter’s cell phone at the West Park. Later at the White Buffalo you gave us your business card and I have been keeping up with your travels ever since all though we have been gone camping for the last two weeks. Glad to see you completed your bike tour. Have really enjoyed reading about your progress.

    • Thanks Denice for saying hi, I love when people we met on the road tune in. We just retold the story of finding the phone and then by chance running into y’all at the white buffalo; good memories.

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