Redwood Forest

Road Trip Day 2 – Crescent City, CA to Fernley, NV – 535 miles

Man and I thought cycling was hard, try spending all day coped up in a car after 70 days of moving around; talk about restless legs.

You know what they say - You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince

The Eternal Tree House, 20 sqft room inside a tree

They are Touring the Pacific Coast Route -

Happy Hiker

Like a child

Elevator, going up?

Yoga Pose?

Only pose I know

Big Tree, eh?

It takes 4 leaps just to get around half of it

But only two bounds 🙂

Clear Lake, CA

Swapping Breweries for Wineries

Happy Samplers, I mean Tasting

Ceago Vineyard was a treat -

We were some tired puppies to work all this into one day


One thought on “Redwood Forest

  1. congrats again!!!
    i rode with 2 from England (Bikecenntenial e/w 1982) down the route you and significant/other are following by auto. it was almost like i did not want to stop tour then……… they went on from San Fran to Grand Canion, i have not heard from either since
    congrats x4!!!!

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