Road Trip Day 5 – Moab, UT to Telluride, CO – 133 miles

It was very hard not to sleep in this morning, but we knew the arches were best viewed at sunrise and sunset.  However tonight we find ourselves in a tent and I don’t think we will have any trouble rising early tomorrow. 🙂

Yes, another silly park sign pose. You can guess this one right?

Landscape Arch

Delicate Arch

Over the threshold

Petroglyphys from 1650

Double Arch

Can see myself revisiting the area for Slickrock and more slot canyons

Off road vehicles allowed as well

It's a rental

Back in Colorado, my favorite state on this adventure

Telluride; Switzerland of the USA

Tibetan flags all around Telluride

We considered a 4 star Resort, but chose the Telluride City Campgrounds instead

Loving the Smugglers Brew in Telluride, CO -


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