White Sands

Road Trip Day 7 – Albuquerque to Ruidoso, NM – 339 miles

It's hard to find sand without footprints already in it

White Sands multi-use purpose

This can only end badly, right?

Ah, yes. How many places can sand find it's way into?

Sierra Blanca, Ruidoso NM

Thanks mom and dad for letting us stay at your vacation home in Ruidoso, NM while we can, if anyone is in the market for a mountain ski home in the next few months...

Large lot with balcony views included


3 thoughts on “White Sands

  1. Those pictures make me homesick. I grew up near there and used to go there all of the time. There’s nothing quite like white sand in all of your cracks. 🙂

  2. You guys drove an extra 155 miles to play in sand that gets in all your crevices. Should of went straight to Ruidoso from Albuquerque only 184 miles and enjoy the wonderful mountains. But you did have some great pixs of White Sands.

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