Road Trip Day 8 – Ruidoso, NM to Austin, TX – 655 miles

After a week of driving and touring national parks we completed our road trip home tonight and the first thing I thought when I walked in the door was “man I own a lot of stuff”.  After spending the past 77 days living out of two small panniers and a few zip lock bags it blows my mind on needing these other items.

The wife and I joked on the final part of the drive home on how it will be strange not moving around city to city from day to day; here is to adjusting to normal life. 🙂

The park experienced a bad fire 6/14/11 shutting it down for a couple days

Descending into the ground

I miss you sunlight or any light for that fact

The original public entrance and exit, circa 1924

Chilling with my friends stalagmite and stalactite

We were ready to catch a 750ft ride out, but these elevators seemed to be out of service

Welcome Home!!!

Still rocking my great tan lines after missing a week of riding


7 thoughts on “Spelunking

  1. Wow, I hadn’t realized the trip was over by now… I just stumbled across your blog! The photos are beautiful and make me want to road trip – except mine would be across Canada – to Van.

    • Hi Dee, yep the bike ride just finished a little over a week ago and then the wife and I road tripped back.

      Start of the ride blog entry -http:// work2ride.wordpress.com/2011/04/23/so-it-starts/ One of my favorite days of the ride -http:// work2ride.wordpress.com/2011/05/31/ups-and-downs/ Finish of the ride blog entry -http:// work2ride.wordpress.com/2011/07/01/coast-to-coast/

      Let me know if you ride as I would like to follow along!


  2. I enjoy looking at the photos you and your wife have taken while on this amazing journey. Here in Singapore, I do not have the blessing to embark on such an adventure. I hope one day I can visit some of those beautiful places you’ve blogged about in your TransAmerican bicycle tour!

    Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you page was on WordPress’s recommendation page!

    • Thanks! I love your part of the world as well.

      Singapore and Malaysia has great places to visit, I was fortunate to go there for work last year and it was beautiful. If I lived in the area I would like to visit places like Thailand, Tibet, Everest, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji.

  3. Great blog and great pictures! I remember a few years ago we took a road trip from Houston to LA. Stopped at Carlsbad and White Sands… It was good to see your pictures to remind me of those times.

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