TransAmerica Videos

It took me almost 7 months but I finally finished the cross country video, a lot of the pictures you may have seen but there are over 20 videos shot from the road as well too.

Hopefully a few moments that will make Mark, Abe, Jon, and the rest of you laugh 🙂


8 thoughts on “TransAmerica Videos

  1. What an incredible presentation! I am awestruck!
    What you will never fully comprehend is the “thrill of the victory” that you provided family, friends, and acquaintances everywhere!

  2. Mary Sue

    I want to slow down the video so I can see more. What a wonderful trip.. So glad we could be part of the journey!

  3. We often hear “Go big or go home” and very few us will have the opportunity to be at the cusp of such a moment.

    Trophies fade and accolades are forgotten – but this will stay with you (and many of us) for the rest of your life.

    One day, I will tell my kids – “I knew this guy…” and just thought of telling your story puts a smile on my face…

  4. Awesome job, Awesome photos, Awesome memories! We’ll always remember you sharing our campfire that night in Jeffrey City, we had such a good time – thanks for being here!!!!!

    • Thanks Vikki, it was fun going back through the memories while editing the video & photos. I have something to post on y’alls FB wall, we attempted to send Byron a Christmas Card as a thank you for letting us sleep in the Trailer but unfortunately it got “returned to sender”. Thanks Again!

  5. My brother and I leave on June 1 to begin our trip across the country and now after watching your video I wish we could leave tomorrow! Looks like an amazing time, thanks for the time and effort you put into this amazing video!

    • I am looking forward to following your trip through the Western Express to see what we missed. My riding buddy Mark rode similar bikes to what y’all are taking; what gearing and tires did you decide to go with? Also I couldn’t figure out if your site has an RSS feed?

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