How do you top riding across America?

Mt Whitney Summit

Our most recent adventure to the summit of Mt Whitney

A few weeks after completing my trip of a life time last year I started bugging the wife about our next stages in life, things like when do we want to have kids?  Well she had a surprise for me:

Emily Sue: “I want an adventure of my own”
Dustin: “What do you want to do?”
Emily Sue: “See the world”
Dustin: “By yourself?”
Emily Sue: “No, you can come too :)”
Dustin: “… ” (silence)
Dustin: “Can we ride bikes around the world?” (knowing it was a long shot)
Emily Sue: “NO, but we can rent them from time to time”

So there you have it.  We have had to keep this thing quiet from our broader set of friends and co-workers so that we didn’t put our jobs at risk, as we wanted to earn income up until the very end, but now the cats out of the bag!

Some Common Questions:

  • When do you leave?  July 2nd, 2012 (yes, just 17 days away!)
  • Where are you going?  Everywhere of course 🙂 jk, but see below for where you can find out more
  • What about all your stuff?  We are selling our home on June 25th and we have pretty much already sold off all the furniture
  • What about your dog?  He is going to stay with his grandparents until we get back
  • Have you lost your minds!?! Quite possibly but we can’t wait to see for sure

We hope that you follow along our next adventure, we will not be blogging here but on our new website so please come follow us at –

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3 thoughts on “How do you top riding across America?

  1. You all are amazing. Have fun! Take lots of pictures. And most importantly, be safe! Lots of love from the Fenno crew.

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