My Gear

Self Built Custom Frame via SannerCycles read more
Surly Long Haul Trucker Fork
Surly Long Haul Trucker 700c Wheels
(Alex Adventurer 36h with Shimano XT hubs)
700x37c Continental Contact Tires (2nd rear tire in Kansas)
Brooks B17 Saddle
Sugino XD 600 46-36-24t
Shimano XT 9 speed cassette 11-34
XT 3spd Front Derailleur
XT 9spd Rear Derailleur
Shimano XT V-Brakes
Platform non-clipin pedals

Bicycle Accessories
Topeak Road MasterBlaster Frame Pump
Planet Bike Super Flash Rear Light
Cat Eye Opti Cube Front Light
Cat Eye Astrale 8 wired Cycle Computer with Cadence sensor
Surly Long Haul Trucker Rear Rack
Surly Nice Front Rack (sent home)
Planet Bike Front Fender
Ortlieb Front & Rear Panniers (sent home fronts)
Novara Bar-Top Handle Bar Bag (replaced with larger Schwinn bag)
Transit Metro Top Rack Bag (sent home)
Bicycle Multi-tool
Chain Lube
Bungee Cords
2 spare spokes
1 spare brake & derailleur cable
3 spare bike tubes
2 Mr. Tuffy tire liners
3 water bottles
1 Presta to Schrader valve adapter

Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Tent
Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Footprint
No Limits  NL32 Mummy Sleeping Bag (Academy Brand)
Slumberjack Camp Pillow
REI Lite-Core 1.5 Self-inflating Sleeping Pad
REI MultiTowel Lite (Size L)
Trangia Mini Cooking Stove w/larger pot set (sent home)
Heet Fuel (Yellow one; for stove) (sent home)
Coleman Magnesium Fire Starter (sent home)
Coghlans Camping Silverware (sent home)
10×10 Tarp
50′ Nylon Cord (sent home)
Mini Leatherman Multi-tool
LED Headlamps
First Aid Kit (sent home)
Sunscreen, Chapstick
Reading Book (sent home)
Pen & Notebook

2 Pearl Izumi Bike Shorts
1 running shorts (doubles as swimsuit)
1 convertible pants
2 shirts
1 long sleeve shirt
1 lightweight windbreaker
1 rain jacket
1 set of cycling arm and leg warmers
3 gloves (half finger, full finger, and “magic”)
1 socks (thick smartwool)
1 underwear (icebreaker)
1 hat (beanie)
2 glasses (reading & sun)
1 pair of shoes (Keen Leather Sandal)
1 pair of Neoprene Waterproof socks

Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone w/3 extra batteries + charger
Nikon D5000 w/18-55 lens, 1 extra battery + charger
Radoshack AM/FM  Pocket Radio w/Speaker
Dell 12.1″ Laptop w/6 cell battery + charger


13 thoughts on “My Gear

  1. D
    How do you like the Kelty Grand Mesa? How much does it weigh?
    I have a Northface Tadpole 3/2 topping out at about 6.5lb w/groundcloth and vestbule.

  2. from quick look, you forgot
    -bug juice (insect repellant)
    -spoke wrench
    -head gasket spanner wrench
    -chain lube
    -rain covers for shoes
    -rain pants
    -cook ware, mess kit, etc
    that’s what i can think of so far!

    • Thanks I added the spoke wrench, chain lube, chain tool, and have the cook ware on there.

      I am skipping the lower rain gear, but may add the waterproof socks for the Keen’s. The fork is a thread-less headset so don’t need the wrench.

  3. i strongly endorse lower (pants) rain wear. When we were in the Rockies in early August, there was frost (layering clothing while at camp helped deal w/cold)!

    -Shoe covers (non thermal are hard to find) should keep your shoes dry. You will need these if riding on rainy days. fyi: It will rain……

    -Tools (con’t). Don’t forget the 3rd hand brake tool, the Bottom bracket tool, and the freewheel/cluster puller.

    There will be more to add to your list. I would recommend 2 pairs of shoes. 1 to ride in, 1 to move into after the days ride for change. To me it feels good to get out of the cranking shoes of the day into a new fresher pair at days end (small things like this will matter)! After 3 days of constantly riding in the rain, feel the sun!

    The correct needed tools, clothing, and gear will make/break a tour.

    Keep progressing!

  4. Ok I am going to answer this as a backpacker. So we might be cutting ounces here and there but they add up to pounds. Also what I suggest to you might cost money and not sure what your looking to spend. So here it goes.
    1) Heavy tent but not over the top I see the reason for a 2 man tent. 86 the footprint you don’t need one. If you want one use 2mil plastic cut smaller than the footprint of tent.
    2) Never heard of the sleeping bag. If you start in May in VA you will only need a 40* bag till you hit CO where you could switch out. A 40* bag should weigh in at 18 oz tops. And the warmer bag 24 -30 oz tops. (quality bags here). Also no need for a liner save the exra 4-6 oz there.
    3) A air core pad is lighter and more compactable, also 2.5 inches thick.
    4) Not sure the type of cooking your doing but I would 86
    Magellan Cook Set
    Coleman Magnesium Fire Starter
    Coghlans Camping Silverware
    All you need is a Snow peak Ti 700ml pot also doubles as a cup, your not making gourmet meals here (or are you?) Also on ti spoon. If you need a frying pan get the SP 900ml pot and pan combo. That cookset should weigh about 7 oz tops. Bic lighter and pack of matchs back up.
    5) 86 the tarp, if its raining go under a pavillion or in the tent.
    6) 50 feet nylon rope what size and weight is this. Kelty tripline is 1 oz for 50′.
    7) Headlamps? Only have one head.
    8) How much does that 1st aid kit weigh? Remember you not far from a store. Just some bare necessities.
    9) 3 pair of gloves? Buy them as needed only need one same with the hats.
    Just my 2 cents, Have a great time

  5. Thanks for taking the time for the detailed responses, money is a consideration so I probably won’t be switching out for too much Ti, but good call on the single headlamps and gloves.

    Biggest part for me will be getting more time in with more and more weight.

  6. Way to go, Dustin!!! We are so excited for you. I am sitting here with MarySue right now reading your blog. Forget everyone’s suggestions@@@ you know what to do!! Keep it up.

  7. Hey Dustin, glad to see you made it. It’s Kim and Andy from the tandem you met in eastern CO I think it was. Kim and I are back from Marion, Ill and working for a few more months. Due to busy schedule, etc we will not resume until April next year. Reading your blog makes motivates me to get back out there.
    You’re right, the people are the best out there, very kind and helpful to the cyclists. Great blog and great adventure.

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